Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winter Break Update

Pretty much.

Right peeps, so here's an update on basically the past few months. I'm nearly done with finals. I'll be going home for Christmas break, before I start the madness all over again next semester. Here's a list of writing projects I've made progress on:

1. Finished Negation. In the middle of editing it. A couple of peer editors would be nice if I have any volunteers out there.

2. Started Evolution, the final book in my Subversion Trilogy. I hope to have it finished by next fall semester, and perhaps by then, I can get a few edits from professionals and perhaps start publishing.

3. Finished the first 13-part sequence of the Ghost Rebellion short story series. I'm planning on continuing that with at least two more 13-part sequences. If you'd like to read what I already have, just ask.

4. Got onto Figment! Figment is a website for aspiring writers. As with all self-publishing websites, it suffers from the curse of amateur writers putting up not-so-pretty work, but of the self-publishing websites out there, it's one of the better ones. I've written up a few stories solely for Figment and posted them, along with stories I've previously written. If any of you are interested, google Figment and then search Striate Straknum once you're on the site. You'll find me.

5. Began my first foray into creating a story in an illustrated format! It's going to be a very short little manga western that spans no more than eight pages. It's like flash fiction for manga. Currently I'm working on the fourth page, and I hope to have it finished by the end of next semester. Here's one of the pages from what I have so far.

And that's me. Funny thing about being a full time college student: it actually does take up your time, which is why I've posted far less instructionals than I did last year. Maybe I'll have the time to churn out something over Christmas break.

Ah, who am I kidding. See you peeps later.