Friday, November 4, 2011

The Ten Commandments For Writers

This week's post is a short list of commandments that every young writer would do well to obey. They're pretty general and I didn't go into specifics, but they should be a good set of rules to look to if you're ever having trouble.

funny pictures - It's ok .Nobody saw. Nobody will ever know
This is how politicians and little kids think.

1. Thou shalt write when thou desirest, be during class lecture, dinner, or at two in the morning.

2. Thou shalt not write for the market, for such is empty and without soul.

3. Thou shalt read often, for good readers make good writers.

4. Thou shalt write as often as thy life or spouse alloweth it.

5. Thou shalt accept constructive criticism, or be consumed in the lake of everlasting failure.

6. Thy stories shall not assume the appearance of a meaningless bloodbath, as the movies often do.

7. Thou shalt try new styles of writing in different genres, so as to better improve thy craft.

8. Thou shalt revere thy predecessors and learn from them.

9. Thou shalt not bash another writer's work without valid reason.

10. Thou shalt endeavor to be famous and awesome through thy writing.

Of course, these aren't the only commandments for writers. There are others, which I may post from time to time. Until then, enjoy your weekend!


  1. Wow, I totally didn’t realize it was Friday until I read that last line. Made my day. I’d probably have to agree honestly with 9 on thy commandments, but what about 2? “Thou shalt not write for the market, for such is empty and without soul.” How am I to earn my daily bread? I suddenly feel sullied...

  2. These commandments generally apply to novel writing, as opposed to other forms of writing. Of course, if the market for the genre you love to write never changes, then it's not a problem. However, if you're a high-fantasy writer trying to ply the suddenly popular romance market, then there's something wrong with the picture.

  3. Emil! I love the pictures you post on here, they're so funny :) I miss you and can't wait to see you at Christmas! (Were-Chickeeeen!!!) heheh ;) keep posting, I love to see what you write :)

    YOU, my friend, have an awesome weekend!

    BTW, I was talking to Thomas Posten and I said that we both had to get together with Hannah Tate, and do something exciting and exotic, so maybe you can join us....I was thinking something along the lines of crocodile surfing, but alas! It is winter.... :/