Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paramour, Part 8


I jerked upright. I’d dozed off in front of my computer. Shaking my head, I got to my senses and glanced at the screen. Nobody had posted to Facebook. Grabbing the mouse, I moved the cursor up to the refresh button.

I paused, though. I almost clicked it, but for some reason I held off for a moment. Glancing outside, I could see it was bright summer day, with the wind ruffling the leaves in the trees. Cirrus clouds were draped across the sky, indicating good weather. It looked like it would be a nice day for a walk.

I glanced back at the screen. After a moment, I moved the cursor away from the refresh button, and instead, closed Facebook. Pushing my laptop away from me, I got up and slipped my sneakers on, going outside.

It was the perfect climate outside, with the sun coming down but the wind blowing enough to keep it from being hot. Taking a deep breath of the outdoors air, I started walking, just wandering and exploring. Around me, college students reveled in the freedom of the weekend as they got out of classes. I threw my head back as I walked down the street, the wind blowing through my hair.

As I walked, I passed a beautiful girl walking back to her dorm from the college. I didn’t think anything of it, and I passed her without a word. After a moment, though, something clicked in my head. Stopping, I turned around and called out to her as I ran to catch up to her.

“Hey! Do you know what paramour means?”

“Umm. . . no?”

“It’s funny, really. Generally it means love that’s illicit or out of the bonds of marriage, but it occurred to me that you could view it another way, one without as much stigma - paramour, or secret love. Something that’s not necessarily bad, but just hidden. Say, do you like to play chess?”

“Yeah, actually. Do you play?”

“Uh huh! You want to hang out?”

“Sure. Hey, did you see that?”

We looked up, staring up into the sky. Way up high in the sky was something that looked like a ship, sailing through the sky. As we watched, it drifted into a cloud and disappeared.

“Weird. . . that was pretty cool.”

“Yeah, I know. . . I wonder what it was. Hey, let’s go grab some ice cream. I’ll show you the best way to eat ice cream out of a cone.”

“That sounds great. Say, have you ever been sailing before?. . .”
Secret or Hidden Love
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