Monday, September 24, 2012

The Fall Agenda

Aight. So Sparkfly's been off the radar for a few months. Well, I'm a college student juggling 17 credit hours, two blogs, a book, two term projects, neverending papers, 4 hours of reading every night, crappy roommates, and crappy wifi. The list could go on, but I'll keep it to that. Even as I write, I'm avoiding assignments I'm supposed to be doing.

Dr. Ryski Katnei, aka Kat, member of the Collective.

This is a character from a trilogy of books I'm writing (I'm on the second of three and I'm currently getting the first peer edited by as many are willing to edit it). I think a number of my future posts are going to be on the things I've had to do to write these books, basically the form I use and the way I've had to reinvent the way I look at books and the way stories and characters are written. So there's that.

Also, I've heard a number of good things about a series of short stories I'm writing under the series title of Ghost Rebellion. The Management has recommended that I list them on Amazon as ebooks for $.99 each and it sounds like a good idea to get my work out there. So if there are any recommendations on publishing, it'd be nice to get those in the comments.

Alright. That's my agenda for the fall. Gotta go write papers now. Ciao!

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  1. In regards to the publishing with Amazon, I wrote a post on how to publish on the Kindle a while back. Here's the link.